Estate Litigation Lawyers

We understand that losing a loved one can be difficult and overwhelming. Sadly, the death of a family member often leads to stressful disputes amongst the surviving family members. We believe it is possible to maintain family relationships while protecting your rights – we are here to help get you through it.

We offer litigation services for all areas of will, estate, and inheritance litigation. Whether you have been cut out or not included in the will; whether the will is invalid or there is no will; or whether you were a beneficiary but were treated unfairly, we will ensure you receive your fair compensation.

Our Approach

We realize that every client has their own story, and we tailor our strategy based on your specific needs. With any approach we take, all cases are carefully planned to ensure the best possible outcome.

We know that many people would rather avoid the process of a trial, especially when family is involved. That’s why we place an emphasis on reaching a fair settlement outside of court. We have a very high settlement success rate through both mediation and negotiation.

Nevertheless, in some cases a trial is required in order to get a fair result. Our extensive experience in litigation and the thorough preparation of your case means that we will be ready for trial if we are unable to reach a settlement outside of court.

Why Us

We will get you through the financial and emotional hardships that come from a death in the family. With over 25 years of litigation experience, Ben Falkenberg has the knowledge and skill to obtain the optimal result for your claim. As a result of his extensive trial, mediation, and negotiation experience, Ben understands that each claim is unique and requires a customized approach.

Our team is knowledgeable and compassionate and will take the time to ensure your questions are answered. Our attention to detail and personalized service will ensure you and your claim are receiving the attention you deserve.

Cost of Legal Services

Disputing a will or protecting an estate does not need to be a financially daunting process. We offer contingency fee arrangements for many of our estate litigation services, which means that there are no fees unless we reach a settlement in your favour.

Throughout the litigation process there will inevitably be expenses that arise which are necessary to build your case. A contingency fee arrangement also means that we will cover these expenses for you over the course of the claim.

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