Practice Areas in Estate Litigation

There are a number of reasons that a will might be disputed. Ultimately, the property and estate may not always be distributed in accordance with the will. It could also be the case that there is no will. Regardless of the circumstances, we may be able to help you.

We handle all areas of will, estate, and inheritance litigation, including but not limited to:

  • Will Variation Claims
    • challenging a will
    • left out of the will
    • cut out of the will
    • disinherited
    • unfair inheritance
  • Disputes Involving an Invalid Will
    • undue influence
    • rectifying a will
  • Disputes to Revive a Will
  • Claims Against an Estate
    • disputes if there is no will (intestacy)
    • claims by an unrelated person
    • unjust enrichment
    • unfair inheritance
  • Disputes Involving Testamentary Capacity
    • minors
    • delusions
    • dementia
    • suspicious circumstances
    • undue influence