The Simplified Guide to Estates, Probate, and Estate Litigation

A death in the family is a sad time and there is a lot going on. Very few people think about wills and estates and what happens or needs to be done until someone passes away. This is a difficult time and it is hard to process information. This book is intended as an informational guide to assist you in understanding some of the legal issues and legal terms you will be faced with.

This book is for educational purposes only and is to assist you with having some knowledge about commonly asked questions at the time of someone’s death. It is always important to get proper legal advice about your particular situation from a lawyer who practices in this area.

If you find that you have to dispute a will when a loved one dies, it can be even more difficult and confusing. You may not know where to start, and not knowing your rights or the legal process can make the task even more stressful and daunting.

This book will provide you with knowledge about the process. It is our hope that once you read this book you will have a basic understanding of what happens next.

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